what i do

Component Services


Outdoor Advertising

Done right, outdoor advertising is a very impactful portal to social media.  Impactful print versions are my specialty.  Great in trains, train stations, bus stops, airports, on billboards - anywhere there's a captive audience. I've been recognized by the Outdoor Advertising Association.


Wholesale, retail, consumer of all kinds.  Paper and plastic bags, boxes of all types and sizes, tags, labels, POS consonant.  While I best enjoy working with start-ups, I've worked with some big companies on some big product lines.  I specialize in conceptualization and coordination of product lines.

Store Visual Design

I can design and direct production of any and all elements necessary - signage, window displays, POS display settings, POS materials, carpeting, window treatments, menus, advertising, etc.  Perfect for pop-up stores.

Poster Design

As you can see I love designing and creating posters. To me poster design is about three things: clarity, impact, and genre.  I'm very versed in a wide array of genres and styles, and can make posters that will attract.

All-Surface Illustration

Old-fashioned paper, windows, concrete, wood, flooring, walls, web screens, windows, billboards, snowboards, skin,  I can create or translate illustrations for almost any surface, bringing message and visual coordination to another level.  I'm an excellent illustrator with a long list of credits and commissions, a great sense of touch, and skills in a wide variety of genres and styles.

Signage Design

I do both corporate and retail signage design.  If you're a brick and mortar retailer your store's signage is - with a doubt-  your most effective advertising, and I can create something that people will be attracted to and remember.  Corporate-wise, I understand and can work within your design standards and have a long resume of wayfinding projects.  I also have prepared and presented detailed signage and visual element proposals to city and county Design Review and Planning commissions throughout the area.

POS/Visual Display

I believe an effective direct connection between customer and product not only encourages sales it also builds relationships that can last.  Using all the staging elements necessary - rich backgrounds, focused lighting, embedded digital signage, figures, forms, etc. - we can create something with impact.







Window Displays

We park.  We walk.  In Downtown Walnut Creek, 75% of visual branding  comes from viewing a window in a store.  Lighting, window treatments, display layouts, backgrounds - all make a difference. I got my start with the fabled Breuner's Furniture in Pleasant Hill.  I'll come up with a visual narrative that strikes the right chord.

Print Design

Print Design is becoming a larger part of the design landscape. Inexpensive printing prices and the ability to target specific messages and locations make it a very cost-effective advertising and communication vehicle.  I've designed a wide variety of striking advertising campaigns, unique packaging, quality catalogs of all types, interesting books, vibrant children's books, and attractive CD packages.

Pattern Design

I design specific and proprietary visual patterns for wallpaper, window treatments, backgrounds, fabric, products, and computer screens.  I'm comfortable with a wide spectrum of styles and sources - from art historical to millennial. For commercial and residential customers.

Color Schemes

I'm an expert on the colors of the area we live in, be they the sharp yellow of Brentwood corn kernels, or the blue green leaves of the Live Oaks that dot our hills.  I can translate these local colors into something tangible colors in paint, ink, fabric, and a wide array of substrates.  Residential as well as commercial clients can benefit from having defined color palettes consonant with their immediate environment.


Sometimes the smartest thing to do is "talk over" the project before you start.  It allows your ideas to germinate and exposes them to the light, which enables them to mature and develop.  I can offer advice and direction at any link in the food chain.  I've also prepared and presented detailed proposals to city and county organizations throughout the area.

Decor Design

Backgrounds, presentation pieces, displays - you name it - I’ve created and designed it for corporate and small business clients.

Pop-up Design

I can design and direct every single visual element that goes into creating a pop-up store - vinyls, signage, menus, flooring, advertising, wall treatments, decor, vehicle wrapping.