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Local design is organic design.

My canvas is the Walnut Creek area in particular, and the Diablo Valley and Northern California in general.  I love it here and have lived here all my life. I've designed and created everything from illustrations, books, catalogs, packaging, signage of all types, web sites, to store designs, landscape designs, color schemes, character designs, and identity programs. I understand the vibrations of the area and can convert them into tangible pieces and products that benefit both the Client and the community.   If organic is synonymous with integrated and in-touch, my approach is organic in every sense. My services are varied, but whether they're used in unison or as part of a whole, they all come with the same promise of quality and intelligence.


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Client List

I love my Clients. I take great pride in the quality of their products and services. They include fine companies like Genova Delicatessens, Cost Plus World Market, Ericsson, Tournesol Siteworks, Sony, Dynasign, Gleim the Jeweler, Corporate Graphics, Lowenstein, Burton, Rogue, City of Walnut Creek, City of San Francisco, University of California, Concord Records, ASAP Professional Services, Verizon Wireless, Ruth Bancroft Gardens, Coopervision, Starbucks, JTech Solutions, Design 21, Washington Post Writers Group, Forma, Grubb & Ellis, Transwestern, Vitality Bowls, Garden Court Hotels, Coastside Inn, Heritage Bank, KFOG Radio, Henderson Group, Robin Miller, Jones Lang LaSalle, Anywhere Mobile, Keller Williams, Les Concierges, mShift, Nordsen, Metro, Mavericks, PayCompass, Pier 39, San Jose State University, Sigma, Shepphard Mullin, TopThisYogurt, TriValley Bank, Valley Home Theater, weGrow, Sharetea, Broadway Webster Medical Center - among others. I also donate lots of time and work to worthy organizations and individuals throughout the area.



Your project will receive my full attention.  I will never hand over or outsource your project to a lesser or inadequate provider for any reason. I never compromise quality for time and I give my clients realistic schedules that accommodate their lives. I will always use the best and most appropriate materials available.  I will always strive to use sustainable materials.



About Me

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james woods marshall

My mother ran an art gallery when I was growing up and a lot of what I know I learned by osmosis.  I graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1984 - and those of you who've been around SFAI know how broad that education is. After a soul-killing three years working for Pacific Bell as a visual designer, I branched out on my own and have been fortunate to be successfully working as a self-employed artist and designer ever since.  Although I'm geographically focused on Walnut Creek, the Diablo Valley, and Northern California (in that order), I have broad experience in commercial, municipal, academic, and residential projects throughout the country.  I love my Clients, my family, and my friends.  I thank you all for my success.